Burning Sculpture

Green Man Festival - Closing Ceremony

Green Man Festival - Closing Ceremony

We have worked closely with PYRITE CREATIVE over many years to produce spectacular burning art installations. Often for large scale events but also smaller works for weddings and parties.

Placing explosives on a bonfire is an extremely tricky business. Doing it safely with precision and beauty even trickier. But we have developed a system that not only works but is an elemental visual treat.

We even have a system to protect the ground under the sculpture so your beautiful lawn need not be scorched in the process.

3D Video Mapping


For a truly multi-media show we can use video projections onto almost any shaped surface and combine the images with fireworks and special effects.

We have worked with animators and artists from all over the world to produce some truly unique shows. We currently have a fantastic working relationship with The Media Workshop who provide us with everything from video projectionists to bespoke visual content. Between us we are creating shows on the cutting edge of technology that have to be seen to be believed!


Whitworth Gallery - Rooftop display and light show

Whitworth Gallery - Rooftop display and light show

Over the years we have worked with various lighting designers to combine pyro and lights to produce amazing results.

Lighting is especially useful if you have a building or a feature like trees to enhance. Firework shows that include a physical object within it creates a sense of scale for the fireworks and magnifies the visual impact of the effects.


22 flame units lighting-up a Castle

22 flame units lighting-up a Castle

A brilliant complement to fireworks or useful where there is limited space.

Fantastic for musical displays or for lighting buildings. Our system produces up to 8 meter flames and is totally wireless allowing us to set-up anywhere and very quickly.

Music Production

Studio wide 2 final b.jpg

We have an in-house music producer and composer who is also part of our firing team and consequently has an in-depth knowledge of how a firework show is constructed. This gives us the unique ability to create musical backing tracks that exactly fit the the type of show we are producing and create the perfect atmosphere.

Our soundtracks often contain re-mixes and mash-ups and even original recordings where we can’t find a perfect existing tune.

All this is mixed together using the latest DJ technology in our own editing suit with plenty of sound effects just for good measure.

If it’s a live music act in need of pyro or fireworks as we can fire to a musical score if necessary.

Stage Pyrotechnics


We have a range of effects we use when space is limited such as on-stage or for specialist locations such as roof tops.

These effects can be safely fired much closer to an audience and often produce no debris which is ideal for environmentally sensitive locations.

Using our wireless firing system we can set-up very quickly a there are no cable runs and also locate effects in difficult to reach or spread out locations.

Roof Top Shows

Lulworth Castle Roof July 2012 - Kirk & Hairy -2.JPG

These shows provide many unique challenges not least working at height. We have several team members certificated for harness use on roof-tops and experience of working safely in these situations.

Often these site are more sensitive than most and we work regularly with English Heritage and Historic England to produce risk assessments and method statements that allow us to fire amazing displays without compromising historically valuable assets.

Our ‘low debris’ effects allow us to fire shows where there is a restricted fall-out area at ground level. Very useful for a Christmas Lights switch-on i n a city center.

Festival Sites / Difficult Sites


We have a huge amount of experience working on festival sites where there are many additional requirements and complex production schedules involved. The need for detailed planning and a high level of communication between various departments is key. These sites are constantly changing and you need to be ready for anything!